Social media is hard, and it gets harder each day, and especially with Instagram, this couldn’t get more tricky even if they tried, thankfully hashtags are a huge help when trying to get your pictures noticed, that’s why I’ve put together this list of 100 hashtags for Instagram that if you’re a blogger (and even if you’re not) you’ll find quite helpful! 🙂

Las redes sociales son difíciles, y se complican más cada día, y en especial con Instagram, las cosas no podrían ser más difíciles aún si lo intentaran, gracias la cielo, los hashtags son de gran ayuda para resaltar nuestras fotografías, es por eso que armé ésta lista de 100 hashtgs para Instagram que si eres blogger (y aunque no) encontrarás de gran ayuda. 🙂

100 ig hashtags


#blogitmx, #bloggerstyle, #fashion, #fashionblog, #fashionblogger, #fashioninspo, #fashionbloggerproblems, #instafashion, #lookbook, #lookoftheday, #mexicanfashionbloggers, #minimalootd, #ootd, #ootdshare, #ootdmx, #style, #styleblogger, #styleinspo, #streetstyle, #whatwewear

100 ig hashtags_1


#abm, #abmlifeissweet, #howisummer, #lifestyle, #lifestyleblogger, #livethelittlethings, #petitejoys, #slowliving, #thehappynow, #thatsdarling

100 ig hashtags_3


#beauty, #beautyblog, #beautyblogger, #beautyguru, #fotd, #faceoftheday, #hairoftheday, #hairsofinstagram, #longhairdontcare, #makeup,  #makupfan, #makeupjunkie, #makeupartists, #makeupartist, #productreview

100 ig hashtags_2


#(thecityyou’rein), #ABMtravelbug, #aroundtheworld, #adventure, #finditliveit, #instatravel, #liveauthentic, #landscape, #RSroadtrip, #travel,  #traveldiaries, #trip, #visitmexico, #wadeleurspark, #wanderlust


#blog, #blogger, #cool, #fromwhereistand, #flatlay, #flatlaystyle, #ihavethisthingwithfloors, #ihavethinsthingwithwalls, #influencer, #igers, #livecolorfully, #mantra, #mantraoftheday, #me, #picoftheday, #qotd, #quotes, #photography, #selfienation, #weekendvibes

100 ig hashtags_4

#brunch, #breakfast, #cleaneating, #eatingfortheinsta, #foodie, #foodporn, #foodgasm, #healthy, #lunch, #mealprep


#fit, #fitness, #fitspo, #fitnessaddict, #goals, #healthylife, #noexcuses, #runners, #wotd, #workout

100 ig hashtags_5

  1. Use more than 5 tags per picture.
  2. Use RELEVANT tags, please skip the #Ilovethesegirlssomuchwerethebestsquadever #mydogisthecutestdontyouthink
  3. You can now hashtag emojis # 🙂
  4. Hashtags on comments also work, but only if you commented on your own picture, comments with hashtags from other people won’t work.
  1. Usa más de 5 hashtags por imagen.
  2. Usa hashtags RELEVANTES, mejor evita usar cosas como #amoamisamigasporquesonlasmejoresdelmundo #miperroesmuchomejorqueeltuyo
  3. Ahora puedes volver hashtags los emojis # 🙂
  4. Los hashtags en los comentarios también funcionan, siempre y cuando tú comentes en tu propia foto, los de los demás no aplican.



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  1. Great post!

    One thing I’ve noticed on the ‘gram is that it’s important to balance smaller and bigger hashtags for exposure. If you only use huge, 10+ million hashtags, your content is less likely to get seen and interacted with. Nowadays engagement is way more important than hashtags.

    1. That’s so right! I actually do that and didn’t notice until today, using smaller tags has actually landed me on the popular page 🙂 thanks for that tip though

  2. This was super helpful! Sometimes you get stuck in a hashtag rut & cant think of hashtags that are kind of not the norm lol. Thanks I’ll try these today! Good idea

    1. I’m so glad you found this helpful, and yes, it is always good to freshen up those ‘tags! 🙂

  3. This is really helpful, thank you!

    1. Aww you’re very welcome! I’m glad you think so!

  4. Such a helpful post 🙂 finding inspiration for unique hashtags can sometimes be difficult

    1. Absolutely! We must be in constant search for new ones 🙂

  5. These are so helpful! Thank you so much lovely! 😍

    1. Yay! I’m glad you think that way! 🙂

  6. Thanks babe!! Great post!! xo Ines

  7. This is such a useful post! I now have some great new hashtag ideas to try out xx

    1. Yay! I’m so happy you guys are finding this helpful! 🙂

  8. What a useful post, thank you! xxx

    1. No problem girl! Hope it helps!

  9. Thanks for the post, it’s really useful! <3

    1. Yayyy! I’m so glad you like it! 🙂

  10. Love the post. Great hashtag ideas

  11. This is great. Thanks Daniela.

    1. Aww I’m really happy you guys are finding it helpful! 🙂

  12. Me encanta, me pareció muy útil!!!

    1. No sabes la felicidad que me da saberlo! 🙂

  13. Wow! That’s a lot! Thanks for sharing Dani! 😘💕


    1. hahaha I thought it’d be harder to put together 100 tags, but it went by quickly lol 🙂

  14. Really helpful post! I’ll use these as a starting point for my tags 🙂 I think specific location tags tend to get the most views, e.g. #copenhagen vs #travel (I still tag both, though!)

    1. That’s absolutely right! Thanks for the helpful tip!! 🙂

  15. Wow Lovely post 👌🏻 🤗
    Check out my latest post on Spring Fashion Trends | 2017 – Spring Fashion Trends | 2017 – SUNAINA DAS

    Hope you will like it 🤗
    Xoxo 💗

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by dear!

  16. Thanks for sharing! The hashtag game is super important and I’m always looking for the latest and greatest to get me the results I want.

    1. It is indeed, I’m glad you found this helpful!

  17. Thank you for the advice

    1. No problem dear, thanks for stopping by!

  18. Thank you so much for sharing the hash tags, much needed for me right now.

    1. No problem, I hope they help!

  19. This post was so good hun well done xx

  20. I’ve just come across your blog and i have feel in love, this post is amazing thank you so much X

    1. Aww that is the sweetest thing of you to say!! Thank you very very much! 🙂

  21. That is so helpful. Sometimes I just get totally blank thinking about hashtags…😁 Great post!☺

    Can you plz checkout my blog

    1. Yeah, I’ve totally been there before posting a picture hehe, glad it was of use.

  22. Amazing!! Thank you for compiling!!!

  23. As a beginning fashion blogger, this is such a helpful post! Thank you!
Love from lensembledujour.wordpress.com

    1. Aww thank you boo, I wish you the best of lucks and keep up your awesome work! 🙂

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  25. Lovely post , enjoyed this , thanks!

    1. No problem, glad you liked it! 🙂

  26. Loving the fashion hashtags,thanks for the enlightenment

    1. I’m glad you liked this post, I hope it helps you! 🙂

  27. Very useful Daniela. Thanks.

    1. Thank you! Glad you think so!

  28. This is a really helpful post! I kinda always use the same hashtags everytime, maybe I should switch it up more, I will try some of these! 🙂 X

    1. I’ve realized switching them up has helped me a lot, so give it a try 😀

  29. These are great tips! Thanks!

  30. Thank you! Ive Copied and pasted some hashtags lol

  31. I recently started my blog and this post is of great help! Thank you for sharing! Do check my blog as well!

  32. This is really helpful thank you! I also think it’s really cool that you write in both english and spanish xx

    1. Glad you think so! 😀 thanks you so much for stopping by! 🙂 xx

  33. This is an awesome post! Trying to reach a wider audience from around the world isn’t as easy as other make it look so this info is really appreciated! ✨✨✨

    1. It really is hard hard work! I’m glad you found this helpful! 🙂

  34. Really helpful…please have a look at my blog it’s all about fashion beauty n lifestyle

  35. I hope this words cause Ive been trying everything

    1. it’s getting harder so I feel you!

  36. Thank you, made my life easier

    1. yaaay! I’m so glad to read that!

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