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Runway 2

On September 7th , SON JUNG WAN debuted her luxurious Spring/Summer 2020 collection by telling the story of splendor meets retro with color, the collection highlighted the glamour of vintage wear in a modern twist.

SJW SPRING 2020 Look 5SJW SPRING 2020 Look 8SJW SPRING 2020 Look 11SJW SPRING 2020 Look 12

The collection featured embroidered dresses full of different layers of iridescent fabrics; a rose gold gown entwined with floral print, array of electric blue gowns, and a neon mint dress that screamed splendor.


During the show we were able to see that draped sillhouttes are big for next season, neons and pastels will be the go to colors come spring, satin, embroidered fabrics and metallics were the protagonists of this collection.

SJW SPRING 2020 Look 26SJW SPRING 2020 Look 31SJW SPRING 2020 Look 33SJW SPRING 2020 Look 38SJW SPRING 2020 Look 42Runway Son Jung Wan

Photo Credit: Rodin Banica

Hair: Jorge Luis for Gamma+ Italia Hairdryers & Flat Irons

Makeup: KimRose Eastburn for Bobbi Brown

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EDGII encourages girls to believe in and express their inner self – The EDGII girl is confident, brave and independent and should be celebrated.

EDGII found synergies with the “The Powerpuff Girls” personas which represent individuality and promote uniqueness – a girl does not have to fit into society’s mainstream standard of beauty, she can be who she wants to be.

Presented through the use of colors, patterns, details and materials coherent with the different Powerpuff girls, this latest EDGII collection offers and promotes diversity.

Styling – Krisana Sotelo
Casting – Raymond Casas
Hair – Brendan O’Sullivan using Unite
Make-up – Liset Garza
Nails – Bernadette Thompson
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From the emotional journey lived through one or several relationships, emotional personas are born. Dirty Pineapple explores the idea that personas from past relationships are recycled through life with one’s different partners. They call it recycled love.

The vision of the recycled love concept is about objectifying yourself; the destruction of your ego just for the purpose of feeling; accepting the different roles and experiences in the performance of loving; the good and the bad reprocessed to generate a “new” you.

Hence we see the body print made of a collage of various body parts; fake layering print is the idea of different skins; Tie Die made out of words are the things you lose in relationships; with a smattering of the heady touch of Nude.

Styling – Miguel Enamorado
Casting – Brent Chua
Hair – Cassandra Pena for AVEDA
Make Up – Maria Livingood for AVEDA
Shoes – Dr. Martens
Sunglasses – Cutler and Gross
Millinery – J.R Malpere/Commando
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DAMOWANG SS20 continues to take WU XIA, a representative culture in modern China, as a conflation of modern and traditional elements; contrasting the ever changing fashion trends with the reserved temperament of the contemporary independent woman. The end design is a fusion of the Chinese element of external grafting with the inner temperament devoid of symbolism where image and entity are intertwined.

There is no fixed boundary between WU XIA and the realm in which it resides. The image is a blend where ancient and modern are entangled. It is only with the help of modern design techniques and materials that the designer can rescue WU XIA from strangulation of contemporary culture.


As a designer, Mr. Han Lei believes that people are living in fragments, and each fragment of reality is superposed into memory. The memory he uses in the SS20 Collection, is that of WU XIA. By adopting his usual splicing alongside other elements: the mixing and matching of layered fabrics, wool, flax, organza, coating, rope, animal texture, fishnet, sheepskin, meteor hammer, bamboo tube, headscarf, cloth bag, etc. All these elements play a crucial role in the DAMOWANG show, enabling the designer to specify his role in the virtual and real space of both the scene and image. The designer has turned the classical square plaid pattern, oversize shoulder-pads, various colors, the splicing and superimposition of different materials into a wonderful adhesive-collocating the ancient and modern elements in a new way. The extensive use of hat ornaments and shawls also adds to the erratic and elusive characteristics of WU XIA.

Leveraging the positive feedback from the shoes co-branded with MYWANTS last season, the two designers increased collaboration this season by using classic elements of raw edges, worn-in stylesand splicing to deliver an array of flats, sneakers, boots and slippers with artistic and modern characteristics.

Another collaboration partner is MESHEEN on bags; reshaping life elements such as bamboo, ropes, and dim sum patterns, so as to extend the depth of DAMOWANG’s potential in fashion.



This is a post I’ve gotten lots of requests for, it seems a lot of you want to know how to get invites to Fashion Week, as many of you know I was lucky enough to attend NYFW last September, and I didn’t attend sponsored by any brands, I took care of my flights, hotel and travel expenses, but it was so worth it, I got to score at least 10 invites to different shows and I loved every sencond of it, now how does one manage to do such thing? Well, I gotta be honest, it wasn’t easy, I must’ve sent close to 300 emails, but it paid off.

So how did I do it? Keep reading. I booked my hotel and plane tickets almost 6 months in advance to get a better deal, now that is a gamble because you don’t get to know which shows you’ll be attending until a week before fashion week starts, and sometimes you get invites a couple of days before the event, so be prepared for that.

Esta es una entrada que me han pedido mucho, parece ser que muchos de ustedes quieren saber cómo conseguir invitaciones para Fashion Week, como saben, tuve la fortuna de asistir al NYFW el año pasado, y no asistí patrocinada por ninguna marca, yo pagué mis vuelos, hospedaje y gastos de viaje, y valió tanto la pena, logre tener al menos 10 invitaciones para diferentes shows y amé cada segundo de esa experiencia, ¿cómo logras algo así? Siendo honesta, no fue fácil, mandé cerca de 300 correos, pero valió la pena.

¿Cómo lo hice? Sigue leyendo. Reservé mi hotel y vuelo con casi 6 meses de anticipación para que me salieran más baratos, es una moneda al aire porque no sabes si vas a tener invitaciones hasta una semana antes del evento, y muchas veces recibes invitaciones de último momento un par de días antes o el mismo día, así que prepárate para eso.


About three months before fashion week I started researching who are the designers that usually show their collections during NYFW, I made a list and then I started stalking them online, well sort of, I looked for their press contact emails on their websites and I created a spread sheet where I wrote down the name of the designer, their press contact’s name and the email, once I had emails for everyone or mostly everyone (some are very tricky to get) I wrote down an email sample, now, I know lots of people will tell you to write a different email for each brand but to be honest, that’s a waste of time, why? well, PR people who usually deal with this stuff get thousands of emails each season, and I’m sorry to be blunt, but they don’t care about your thoughtful email, it rarely makes a difference, so I’d stick with a sample email to send to everyone where you’ll just change the name of the brand.

What should that email say? Well, first of all be polite, no one likes an entitled brat, second, please make sure you state your name, what you do, the name of your blog/channel, and what you’d like to achieve (attend their show), I didn’t include any press kit or statistics, but links to my blog, and social media, and please stay humble on your email.

Unos tres meses antes empecé a investigar qué diseñadores se iban a presentar durante NYFW, hice una lista y empecé a stalkearlos en internet, algo así, busqué sus contactos para prensa en sus sitios web y cree un documento de excel donde anotaba el nombre del diseñador, el contacto de prensa y el email, ya que tuve los correos para casi todos (algunos son difíciles de conseguir) escribí un machote de correo, mucha gente te va a decir que mandes un correo personalizado a cada marca, pero la verdad es que eso es una pérdida de tiempo, las personas de RP reciben miles de correos y la verdad es que no les importa si usaste un machote o tomaste horas escribiéndoles algo muy pensado, rara vez esto hace la diferencia, así que yo me quedaría con el machote para mandarlo a todos cambiando sólo el nombre de la marca.

¿Qué debe decir el email? Pues primero que nada, se educado, a nadie le gusta la gente grosera que cree que todo merece, recuerda, reciben miles de correos con la misma petición, no les estás haciendo ningún favor al asistir, segundo, asegúrate de poner tu nombre, a qué te dedicas y el nombre de tu blog o canal y que te gustaría asistir a su show, yo no incluí estadísticas ni kit de prensa, pero sí incluí links a mi blog y redes sociales, y recuerda, se humilde.


When do you send the email? Well, you have to wait until one month before fashion week takes place, and then you start sending out your emails, tons of them until you’re done with everyone in your list. Now what? You wait. Sometimes PR people will let you know they got your email, most of the time they won’t, some of them will immediately let you know they have all their places assigned, I’d still reply to them thanking them for their time and letting them know you’d be open for last minute invites if a spot opens, you never know. Like I said, many invites will get to you from one to two weeks prior to the shows, so be patient and don’t lose hope.

Once you get your invite make sure to RSVP to the event, keep in mind that most of the times (unless you’ve hundreds of thousands of followers) you will get a standing place, if you’re lucky you’ll get second or third row seats, so just try to keep an open mind, and remember front row seats are for especial guests.

¿Cuándo mandas el correo? Pues, tienes que esperar hasta un mes antes, entonces empiezas a enviar tus correos, montones de ellos hasta que acabes con tu lista. ¿Ahora qué? Esperas. A veces las personas de RP te harán saber que recibieron tu correo, pero la mayoría de las veces no lo harán, algunos te harán saber inmediatamente que ya no tienen más lugares disponibles, pero igual contéstales agradeciéndoles por su tiempo y  haciéndoles saber que si tienen alguna cancelación estarías dispuesto a asistir de última hora. Como ya mencioné, recibirás muchas de las invitaciones entre una y dos semanas antes, ten paciencia y no te desesperes.

Ya que recibas tus invitaciones asegúrate de RSVP al evento, ten en mente que la mayoría de las veces (a menos que tengas cientos de miles de seguidores) te asignarán un lugar de pie, si tienes suerte quizá te toque uno en segunda o tercera fila, ve con mente abierta y recuerda que los lugares en primera fila son para invitados especiales.


I got invites to shows, now what? Well, start planning your outfits! But don’t sweat it, I was super nervous about this last year, I mean you want to be noticed by street style photographers, cause exposure, but remember to wear something you’re comfortable and feel good in, for my first show I was so nervous and when I got there I realized there was people in a plain white tee and jeans, so don’t sweat it and just be yourself, make sure to leave for the show with enough time so you get there early since you’ll be asked to wait in line, and if you’ve standing invites, if you get there early enough and are one of the firsts in line you might be able to score a seating place on the second and third rows from people who couldn’t make it (that happened to me for the Nonie show last year).

Once you’re there just relax and enjoy the moment, take it all in cause it is an amazing experience and you’re lucky to be there!

Recibiste invitaciones para los shows y ¿ahora qué? ¡Empieza a planear tus outfits! Pero no te estreses, yo estaba super nerviosa por eso el año pasado, después de todo quieres que los fotógrafos te noten porque exposición, pero recuerda usar algo en lo que estés cómodo y te haga sentir bien, para mi primer show estaba super nerviosa y cuando llegué me di cuenta de que había gente en jeans y playera blanca, así que relájate y se tu mismo, asegúrate de salir con suficiente tiempo de anticipación (usualmente debes estar ahí una hora antes del show) pues tendrás que hacer fila para ingresar, además si tienes lugar de pie pero llegas temprano quizá tengas suerte y puedas ocupar algún lugar vacío en la segunda o tercera fila de alguien que no alcanzó a llegar (así me pasó para el show de Nonie).

Ya que estés ahí relájate y disfruta del momento, absórbelo todo porque en verdad es una experiencia única y ¡eres muy afortunado de estar ahí!