Bae said he didn’t understan why I was reading this book on organization and decluttering, as I cannot be more organized that I already am, apparently; I got to be honest, this month I’ve been a bit lazy on my reading, and I haven’t finished it yet, I’m on the last chapter, but I promise I will before the month ends, but I will still share my thoughts on this with you.

Bae dijo que no entendía porqué estaba leyendo éste libro de organización, pues no puedo ser más ordenada de lo que ya soy, aparentemente; debo ser honesta, éste mes no he sido muy buena con mis lecturas, y no lo he terminado aún, estoy en el último capítulo, pero prometo acabarlo antes de que termine el mes, aún así, creo que he leído suficiente de él para compartir lo que pienso.

So, you’ve probably heard a lot about this best selling book from Japanese author and organization guru Marie Kondo, this is a book that polarizes people, either you love it or hate it, in my case, being the organization freak I am, I loved it, it made me glad to see that most of my cleaning and organizing views align with hers, many things I already knew, some othere I’d forgoten and other were new to me.

Probablemente has escuchado mucho de éste libro de la autora japonesa y gurú de la organización Marie Kondo, éste libro polariza a la gente, lo amas o lo odias, en mi caso, que amo organizar cosas, lo amé, me dio gusto saber que comparto ideas con ella sobre el orden y la limpieza, varias cosas ya las sabía, otras las había olvidado por completo y un tanto más era nuevo para mí.

The thing is this, if you’ve trouble keeping your space tidy, this might help you, but like with any other change in life, you need to want to change, and to be commited, if you’re an organization freak like me, you’ll enjoy this, I’m sure, if you’re not, maybe you’ll hate her views, especially if you’re not really convinced of changing your organization ideas, this is a book one must approach with an open mind and a willingness to give it a try the right way.

La cosa es, si tienes problemas para ordenar tu espacio, quizá te ayude, pero como con todo cambio, debes de desearlo lo suficiente, y estar comprometido al mismo, si eres como yo, lo amarás, estoy segura, pero si no, probablemente lo vas a odiar, en especial si no estás del todo convencido, es un libro que se debe leer con una mente abierta y ganas de darle una oportunidad.

I’m not gonna say I recommend it, cause like I said before, you either love it or hate it, so why don’t you just give it a try and let me know your thoughts on it? and in case you already have, did you like it? is it worth the hype in your opinion? drop by the comment section and share your thoughts!

No te voy a decir que lo recomiendo, porque como ya dije, o lo odias o lo amas, así que mejor haz la prueba y cuéntame ¿cuál es tu opinión? si ya lo leíste, ¿te gustó? ¿vale la pena? pásate por la sección de comentarios y cuéntamelo todo.


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  1. The one YouTuber I watch mentioned this book a couple of months ago and then she went on the biggest cleaning spree at her house that she’s ever done! I too consider myself an organized person so I’m tempted to give this a read and see what I think! Thank you for sharing Daniela 🙂

    1. You’ll loooove it! I can’t wait for my holidays so I can clean everything! hahah

  2. Hmmm, I definitely have a little trouble keeping tidy so maybe I need to check this book out. Thanks for sharing your opinion on it!

    1. I hope you love it as much as I did!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing my darling! I am ashamed to admin I am not the most organized person, perhaps this book is written for people like me. I must read!

    Love from

    1. I hope you’ll love it like I did! 🙂

  4. Your hair, really makes me want to dye mine too! I love your hair colour!

    1. Aww thank you boo! <3 You should, life is too short to regret things we didn't do!

  5. Habia escuchado de Marie Kondo y este libro es definito un must, creo que el como tenemos nuestra recámara, nuestro cuarto, nuestro auto, refleja como estamos por dentro.

  6. Oh! I’m a huge organize freak, but I haven’t heard of this text! I’m going to check it out!

  7. I really like the idea of this book, but have hesitated to read it because I know that it is going to require major life changes! Thanks for reminding me that I should check it out. I have learned that the key to organization is maintenance, which is where I have problems, especially as I am so easily distracted. Here is a blog I wrote about focus, maybe some of your readers will benefit!

    1. Thanks for sharing it with us! And yeah, maintenance is key, maybe give it a try and see if it’s what you need? Can’t hurt just reading it 🙂

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