how-to-stay-organizedSomething that I always get compliments on is my organization skills, it’s something that comes naturally to me, and as I get older I realize this is not a quality that most people have as opposed to what I always thought.

Here are some of my favorite tips to stay on track.

Algo por lo que siempre me han hecho comentarios es por lo organizada que soy, es algo que me viene natural, y conforme he ido creciendo me doy cuenta de que no es algo que todos tienen, al contrario de lo que yo creía.

Aquí están algunos de mis tips favoritos para mantenerte en línea.

Keep a journal: I always carry my journal/planner with me, this way I can keep notes of everything I need to do, and when to do it, I set timelines, deadlines and create to do lists, color coding is amazing for this and post its have become my bffs, I carry out my planning on a monthly basis which makes it easier to keep track of everything and record important stuff.

Lleva un diario: Siempre llevo conmigo un diario/agenda, de éste modo puedo tomar nota de lo que tengo qué hacer y cuándo hacerlo, hago líneas del tiempo, fechas límite y listas de cosas por hacer, codificar todo con colores es de muchísima ayuda y los post its se han vuelto mis mejores amigos, hago mi planeación mensual, lo cual lo hace aún más fácil.

Make a list: Lists are EVERYTHING, seriously, especially the to do ones, write them down with pencil with a small circle on the left side of them, and when you’re done with each thing change the circle for an x.

Has listas: Las listas son LO MEJOR, en serio, especialmente las de cosas por hacer, escríbelas con lápiz y pon y pequeño círculo en el lado izquierdo de cada tarea, cuando hayas terminado alguna borra el círculo y sustitúyelo por una equis.

One thing at a time: Focus on doing one thing only, once you’re done with it move on to the next, otherwise you’ll end up with a bunch of things done halfway and it’ll only be more frustrating.

Una cosa a la vez: Concéntrate en hacer una sola cosa, ya que acabes con ella, pasa a la siguiente, de otro modo sólo acabas con un montón de cosas hechas a medias y será frustrante.


A place for each thing: Know where each of your things belongs to, return them to it once you’re done using them.

Un lugar para cada cosa: Dale un lugar a cada cosa, regrésala a su lugar de origen cuando acabes de usarla.

Track your expenses: Being organized includes your finances as well, and this means keeping track of your income and expenses, use that journal to write down everything you spend money on, this will make you more conscious of impulse buying and pointless expenses. You can also try an app for this, the one I’ve used in the past which I think is amazing is mint, you can download it for free and it’s really helpful for this purpose.

Registra tus gastos: Ser organizada también incluye tus finanzas, esto significa que deber llevar un registro de lo que ganas y gastas, usa tu diario para anotar todo en lo que gastas, de éste modo te volverás más consiente de las compras de impulso y gastos innecesarios. Tambien puedes intentar usar una aplicación para ésto, la que yo he usado se llama mint y es maravillosa y lo mejor, es gratis.


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  1. Great tips Daniela! I need to get back into the groove of being organized, there are times where I am thankful for having good memory but it’s always good to keep a journal/planner to keep track of everything as you write it down 🙂
    Great post my dear!

    1. Thanks Camille dear, I’m so glad you found this helpful; thanks for the follow as well <3

  2. Hey 🙂 I’m very organized as well, but I always love reading other people’s tips and tricks. I find it super motivational! Thanks you for this post ♡

    1. haha it happens the same to me, thanks for stopping by Georgia 🙂

  3. I should be listening to you on this coz I am the exact opposite. Haha!!! I badly need to organize my room and closet. 😬

    1. hahaha if we lived in the same place I’d totally come over and help you, I love organizing stuff, OCD much? <3

      1. Omg!!! That would be great! Hahaha! 🤗 #wishful

  4. Gracias por el post!!! Anoto y intentare llevar a cabo los tips que has dado!!! Un abrazo

  5. Great post, your tips will be really helpful for me! Unfortunately, I’m not like you on that matter! <3

    1. Thank you Carolina, I hope these tips will help you improve even a bit 🙂

  6. a very informative post.. .. .

    1. Thanks, glad you found it of use 🙂

      1. yeah it was really good.. i kinda struggled with time management lately … i even wrote a post about it ..
        Getting Organized


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