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Spring is not that far away, and one question I’ve been getting a lot on my Instagram account is, what are the biggest trends to look for this coming season? Well, I decided to make a list of 10 trends that will rule spring/summer 2020.

La primavera no está tan lejos, y una pregunta que me han hecho mucho en mi cuenta de Instagram es, ¿cuáles son las tendencias que se usarán en primavera? Decidí hacer una lista de 10 tendencias que marcarán la temporada primavera/verano 2020.




Valentino (1)


Ann Demeulemeester


Saint Laurent


Alexander Wang




Dolce Gabbana









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Negris LeBrum launched their Black Berry collection during New York Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 2020) on Sunday September 8th, 2019.

This season the brand’s Black Berry Collection represents inclusion and the cultural history of Negris LeBrum. The term Black Berry is a southern expression, often used to describe the beauty of a black woman or man. The foundation of the brand has always been rooted in the Negris love story. Each collection is defined by the boldness of the color black that reflects the brand slogan: Lenoir est Joli.


Images vía: Negris LeBrum

I want to talk especially about this show, this was my first front row show ever and I’m super thankful for it. This show was quite the experience, the location was White Space Chelsea, an art gallery in, you guessed it, Chelsea, I got there early and I got to meet some lovely ladies (shout out to Jan, Jen and Alexandra!), when it was time for the show to start we were let in and  to my surprise I had a front row seat!

From the moment the show started I knew it was going to be one that I enjoyed a lot, the music was amazing and I feel it complimented the collection amazingly, I loved the 50’s/60’s vibe to it, the headscarves were a chic touch and I loved the big sunglasses, the dresses were a dream, my favorite was the wrap checked shirt dress, I was so into the color palette chosen by the designer for this collection, I think it was so sophisticated.

I got some amazing goodies from the brand and after the show I got to meet the designer and they were so amazing, I loved talking to them and thanked them for the invite, this was certainly one of the best things of the night.



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When watching the Woody Allen movie “Midnight in Paris” for the first time, the intertwining of past and present and day and night resonated strongly with Calvin’s personal feelings and memories of Paris.

Mimicking the movie, we travel back in time to experience the reflections of Calvin’s Paris remembrance. To mark his entry on the Paris calendar, Luo celebrates his favorite city with a three chapter story as the sun sets on Paris. Each frame depicts a place and moment in time tracing the Parisian woman’s energy, creativity and glamour. Styles interweave and overlap into a cloud atlas reflecting the female idiosyncrasy in the heart of Calvin Luo and his newly found modern diversity of Paris.


1980s/1990s. Boulevard des Capucines. 8pm.
A wet rainy night, roadside lights, condensation on a car window, are the leading clues to open the curtain of the season and its first chapter. See-through mesh and corset details evoke the rebellious spirit of youth. Ambition and freshly found power energize a white hued rainy evening in Paris with strong cuts and bright optimistic colors.


1960s/1970s. Rue Montmartre. 10pm.
Paris changed forever in the 60s and 70s. The arrival of Rock n Roll, followed by the May 68 movement, led to the birth of cult nightlife temples at the end of the 70’s such as Les Bains Douches, Le Palace and Le Rose Bonbon. Here, the once Parisian bourgeoise celebrates her rebellious spirit in a blue haze of creativity; combining iconic tannins with classic French wave points in a dialogue between old and new, tradition and novelty.


1940s/1950s. Rue Royale. Midnight.
We find ourselves connecting to the Calvin of New York – picking up where his Adele collection of Spring/Summer 19 left off – to Paris right after the war. We find again his fascination with the advanced craftsmanship that flows through the veins of Paris. The last frame is an homage to the high-end workshops that adorned the strong, liberated French women on their late night outings in feathers and beading. And we reminisce with him while we bask in soft, plush, red tinted glamour.


Regardless of the era, the collection concentrates on HER plan, HER identity, HER style and HER secrets; following the sun and the story, to where it all started.


Maxim’s is the optimal backdrop for this story to be told. This Parisian landmark, once regarded as the most famous restaurant in the world, has hosted the most glamourous of crowds since its opening in 1893. Stories from each frame have happened, and continue to happen, at Maxim’s; and it could very well be the place where the Woody Allen fantasy took place. After all, CALVINLUO’s Paris stories are only just beginning – but we can tell that Paris is maturing Calvin.

Styling – Tom Van Dorpe
Casting – David Chen
Music – Wladimir Schall
Make-Up – Daniel Sallstrom
Hair – Louis Ghewy
Production – EYESIGHT
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Famed Chinese designer Liu Yong collaborated with Rishikensh on their Spring/Summer 2020 capsule, presenting an unapologetic streetwear collection that gave new meaning to the athleisure category.

Liu Yong x Rishikensh - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The ShowsLiu Yong x Rishikensh - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows

The collection was bold in color, tie-dye centric, yet very monochromatic. Redefining street style, the collection unfolded with neon blue, orange, and green jumpsuits, tank tops and t-shirts, layered with perforated-mesh overcoats and hoodies. Clear raincoats with neon piping accessorized several looks, allowing for the colorful silhouettes to breakthrough on the runway.

Liu Yong x Rishikensh - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The ShowsLiu Yong x Rishikensh - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The ShowsLiu Yong x Rishikensh - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows

The tie-dye process the designer abides by is less traditional than other brands, “We first make each look and then tie-dye the completed piece, using organic dye colors; where as many tie-dye the fabric before constructing the look.” the designer explained. Liu Yong even tie-dyed fleece hoodies and jackets and used a plethora of black dye, for a unique, monochromatic take on typical tie-dye style.

Liu Yong x Rishikensh - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The ShowsLiu Yong x Rishikensh - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The ShowsLiu Yong x Rishikensh - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows

Showcasing some pint-sized wear, but keeping the swag strong, kids rocked the runway with looks inspired by the womens and menswear. Graphic prints, knee high tube socks and cross body bags hit the runway – no minimum age required.

The designer presented a collection that truly exuberated confidence to a fully packed house at Spring Studios for the sixth day of NYFW.

Liu Yong x Rishikensh - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The ShowsLiu Yong x Rishikensh - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The ShowsLiu Yong x Rishikensh - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The ShowsLiu Yong x Rishikensh - Runway - September 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows

Liu Yong is regarded as one of the top 10 fashion designers in China; sitting on multiple boards for several Chinese fashion associations. He has been a respected consultant to many fashion groups in China for over 15 years; since the inception of his namesake brand.

The designer wanted to evoke athleisure as a feeling, a sense of slow fashion, by way of the apparel design and production process. Describing his streetwear, “Whether it’s yoga or dancing, you can do so in any of the designs – with a concentrated attitude. We use the softest cotton and other recycled textiles, so that our customer feels comfortable and concious” continued Yong.


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Runway 2

On September 7th , SON JUNG WAN debuted her luxurious Spring/Summer 2020 collection by telling the story of splendor meets retro with color, the collection highlighted the glamour of vintage wear in a modern twist.

SJW SPRING 2020 Look 5SJW SPRING 2020 Look 8SJW SPRING 2020 Look 11SJW SPRING 2020 Look 12

The collection featured embroidered dresses full of different layers of iridescent fabrics; a rose gold gown entwined with floral print, array of electric blue gowns, and a neon mint dress that screamed splendor.


During the show we were able to see that draped sillhouttes are big for next season, neons and pastels will be the go to colors come spring, satin, embroidered fabrics and metallics were the protagonists of this collection.

SJW SPRING 2020 Look 26SJW SPRING 2020 Look 31SJW SPRING 2020 Look 33SJW SPRING 2020 Look 38SJW SPRING 2020 Look 42Runway Son Jung Wan

Photo Credit: Rodin Banica

Hair: Jorge Luis for Gamma+ Italia Hairdryers & Flat Irons

Makeup: KimRose Eastburn for Bobbi Brown

edgii, ss20, nyfw


EDGII encourages girls to believe in and express their inner self – The EDGII girl is confident, brave and independent and should be celebrated.

EDGII found synergies with the “The Powerpuff Girls” personas which represent individuality and promote uniqueness – a girl does not have to fit into society’s mainstream standard of beauty, she can be who she wants to be.

Presented through the use of colors, patterns, details and materials coherent with the different Powerpuff girls, this latest EDGII collection offers and promotes diversity.

Styling – Krisana Sotelo
Casting – Raymond Casas
Hair – Brendan O’Sullivan using Unite
Make-up – Liset Garza
Nails – Bernadette Thompson
dirty pineapple, ss20, nyfw



From the emotional journey lived through one or several relationships, emotional personas are born. Dirty Pineapple explores the idea that personas from past relationships are recycled through life with one’s different partners. They call it recycled love.

The vision of the recycled love concept is about objectifying yourself; the destruction of your ego just for the purpose of feeling; accepting the different roles and experiences in the performance of loving; the good and the bad reprocessed to generate a “new” you.

Hence we see the body print made of a collage of various body parts; fake layering print is the idea of different skins; Tie Die made out of words are the things you lose in relationships; with a smattering of the heady touch of Nude.

Styling – Miguel Enamorado
Casting – Brent Chua
Hair – Cassandra Pena for AVEDA
Make Up – Maria Livingood for AVEDA
Shoes – Dr. Martens
Sunglasses – Cutler and Gross
Millinery – J.R Malpere/Commando
damo wang, ss20, nyfw



DAMOWANG SS20 continues to take WU XIA, a representative culture in modern China, as a conflation of modern and traditional elements; contrasting the ever changing fashion trends with the reserved temperament of the contemporary independent woman. The end design is a fusion of the Chinese element of external grafting with the inner temperament devoid of symbolism where image and entity are intertwined.

There is no fixed boundary between WU XIA and the realm in which it resides. The image is a blend where ancient and modern are entangled. It is only with the help of modern design techniques and materials that the designer can rescue WU XIA from strangulation of contemporary culture.


As a designer, Mr. Han Lei believes that people are living in fragments, and each fragment of reality is superposed into memory. The memory he uses in the SS20 Collection, is that of WU XIA. By adopting his usual splicing alongside other elements: the mixing and matching of layered fabrics, wool, flax, organza, coating, rope, animal texture, fishnet, sheepskin, meteor hammer, bamboo tube, headscarf, cloth bag, etc. All these elements play a crucial role in the DAMOWANG show, enabling the designer to specify his role in the virtual and real space of both the scene and image. The designer has turned the classical square plaid pattern, oversize shoulder-pads, various colors, the splicing and superimposition of different materials into a wonderful adhesive-collocating the ancient and modern elements in a new way. The extensive use of hat ornaments and shawls also adds to the erratic and elusive characteristics of WU XIA.

Leveraging the positive feedback from the shoes co-branded with MYWANTS last season, the two designers increased collaboration this season by using classic elements of raw edges, worn-in stylesand splicing to deliver an array of flats, sneakers, boots and slippers with artistic and modern characteristics.

Another collaboration partner is MESHEEN on bags; reshaping life elements such as bamboo, ropes, and dim sum patterns, so as to extend the depth of DAMOWANG’s potential in fashion.