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Hey guys! I know, I know, I know, I always post my IG/blog monthly recap on the last day of the month, but this time it completely scaped my mind and then I was feeling a little bit under the weather, but now I’m okay, so here it is!

What happened this past October? Well, lots of pretty fall outfits! 🙂 LITTLE BLACK DRESS IN GEORGETOWN and RUFFLED PANTS were my last looks from our DC holiday, but then I got to say HELLO FALL in my amazing Calvin Klein trench coat, I also got some amazing OVER THE KNEE BOOTS that I wore with a super cool skirt from WhoWhatWear Collection, I did an outfit collab with Rosegal, I also got to wear a cool playsuit by BGBG in one of fall’s last warm days, which reminds me, I found the key piece for those not so warm days, want to see what it is? Click here.

I also gave you some mental health tips with my 5 THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU’RE EMOTIONALLY DRAINED post (want to have a good laugh and blow some steam off? then stop by the hilarious post where MY BOYFRIEND EXPLAINS MAKE-UP), I talked about FALL LAYERING and HOW TO WEAR FALL’S HOTTEST TREND, we also saw the last of Fashion Month with my PFW SS18 FAVORITES.

Now I know some of you are planning trips for the end of the year, so make sure to stop by my TRAVEL GUIDE | NEW YORK CITY and my DC TRAVEL DIARY I promise you won’t regret it! Talking about New York, Bae talked about how he percieved New York style, it’s a must read I swear!

I also created my fall wishlist with help from Zaful and I made a list from the 10 pairs of boots that you need right now, how to wear them? Well here’s some ootd inspo.

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram account for more cute pictures 🙂



Time really does fly by, and yes, I do know how cliché that sounds, but oh well, I’m not lying, September will be over tomorrow and then we only have 3 more months of this 2017, I can’t believe it, can you?

So, what happened in September for me? Let’s see, in preparation for my NYC holiday I shared with you a couple of travel related posts (3 COMFY AIRPORT LOOKS and WHAT’S IN MY BAG: AIRPORT EDITION), I finished my Cellublue Challenge and shared with you MY CELLUBLUE EXPERIENCEfall started this month so I also shared my style mood board for the new season which you know I always do.

I had pretty cool outfits that you can see by clicking the links below:


As some of you know, Bae and I wend on our first vacation together outside of the country which was amazing, we spent a couple of days in New York (My travel journals for: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3) and then a couple more in DC, next month I’ll be sharing that travel guide and journal. New York was amazing as always, on the first day I wore this amazing RED DRESS IN DUMBO and we enjoyed some of Brooklyn, on the second day we went to the WTC Observatory (my outfit here) and on our last NY day I wore TOTAL BLACK ON THE UPPER EAST SIDE.

Fashion month also started this month, and I’ve been sharing my favorite looks from the Spring-Summer 18 collections (So far you can read my NYFW, LFW and MFW posts, PFW is still pending).

But not everything was fun and happiness this month, unfortunately on 09/19 Mexico suffered a terrible earthquake (that followed two previous ones just a couple of days before), we called it S19, and it was and still is a tragedy affecting a lot of Mexican people, over the past 10 days we’ve seen some brave and kind people unite to help each other, I wrote a post about my feelings where I asked you to please, please #PRAYFORMEXICO, I want to thank all of your nice and kind comments, I also want to thank those of you who told me you’d donate, if you did, thank you, if you sent out a prayer, if you sent out good vibes to the people in need, thanks and God bless you, and if you still want to help but don’t know how you can go to  or to the Mexican Red Cross and donate, we all appreciate it!

So that pretty much sums it up, how about your month? how was it? Did you guys do anything fun? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!


Guys, can you believe September is tomorrow? That means so many good things, I’m going on vacation in a few weeks which makes me the happiest girl alive, but before I move on to the next month, let’s recap August in squares, shall we?


There were many cool and laid back outfits this month (BRETON STRIPES, YANKEES CAP, MILLENNIAL PINK), I tried a new look that seemed cool in a beauty editorial kind of way (WET LOOK), I traveled to California (You can see my CALIFORNIA TRAVEL DIARY here, and you can learn HOW I MAKE MY PACKING LIST here) for some work meetings (Here’s what I wore) and I got to visit SANTA MONICA and Los Angeles, which was pretty cool! I also tried the DRESS OVER PANTS trend that I’d been afraid to experiment with, and I thought it was time to show you MY FAVORITE OUTFITS FOR THE FIRST HALF OF 2017 which I know a lot of you enjoyed a lot.

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July in squares babes! August, here I come!

What happened this month?

We had 11 different outfits, you can see them all on the list below:


I did some (a lot) of shopping and I showed you some of it. My hair is blue now! And I showed you my make up essentials that I carry at the moment in my make up bag. And I told you about my 1 year journey into fitness! And last but not least, I gave you some insights into how I edit my instagram pictures, which I think was a post many of you liked, so please leave me a comment with posts you’d like to see next month, which I’m very excited about cause I’ll be traveling next week to a secret destination, wanna guess?


Hey there guys! Today I’m back with another blog post about blogging, this is starting to be a bit inception-esque, but anyways, I’ve noticed that those posts have been really popular with you so I thought that today I’d share my tips on editing your Instagram pictures for a cohesive aesthetic/look and feel.

¡Hola! Hoy estoy de vuelta con otro post sobre cosas de bloggers, he notado que esos posts son bastante populares, así que hoy pensé en compartirles mis tips para editar fotos de Instagram para un look cohesivo.


This will help you create a theme, find out what you color palette is with this awesome site called ColorKuler, I apparently don’t like color on mine lol. But seriously I pick my pictures so they’re mostly black, white, gray scale, blues. No matter how cool I think a picture is, if it doesn’t go with my theme, I won’t post it.

El tener una misma paleta de color te ayuda a crear un tema, para encontrar cuál es la tendencia de color en tu cuenta usa éste increíble sitio llamado ColorKuler, aparentemente a mi no me gustan los colores. Pero ya en serio, yo intento apegarme a fotos que tienen blanco, negro, una escala de grises, azules. Sin importar qué tan cool crea que es una foto, si no va con mi tema, no la comparto.



Always think of how the picture you’re uploading next will look besides the previous one and the following one.

Siempre piensa cómo se verá la foto que sigas junto a la anterior y la siguiente.



Before I edit with Instagram I always use this app called Snapseed, which is really awesome and I know a lot of bloggers and instagrammers use, now to achieve that cohesive look, besides picking similar colored and themed pictures, I stick to modifying the same values, I always try to give it a negative contrast value and add brightness to my pictures, I also try to go low on the saturation, but it’s all really up to you and your aesthetic preferences. I like that Snapseed lets you not only modify these values but also has a lot of other editing tools that help you achieve pretty cool results, I suggest you experiment with those to see what you like and what you don’t.

Antes de editar mis fotos con Instagram siempre uso ésta aplicación llamada Snapseed, está padrísima, sé que muchos bloggers e instagrammers la usan, para lograr ese look cohesivo, necesitas no sólo elegir con cuidado las imágenes en una misma paleta de color, sino también siempre intentar modificar los mismos valores al editar, yo siempre intento reducir el contraste, añadir brillo y bajar la saturación de color en mis fotos, pero todo depende de ti y tus preferencias estéticas. Lo que me gusta de Snapseed es que no sólo sirve para modificar éstos valores básicos, también te permite usar otras herramientas de edición para obtener resultados muy padres, te sugiero experimentes con ellas para ver qué te gusta y qué no.


Once I’m done with Snapseed I save the picture to my phone and then pull it up on Instagram, where I also use the editor but not as much, cause I already edited the values on Snapseed, and that’s pretty much it. Once you get the idea of what’s the aesthetic you’re going for and you get the hang of it it’ll get easier to get the same look and feel on all your pictures. Not as complicated as you’d think. How about you? What are your tips and tricks? Do share!!

Ya que terminé con Snapseed guardo la imagen en mi teléfono y luego la abro desde Instagram, ahí también uso el editor un poco(no los filtros predeterminados), porque ya la edite previamente, y eso es básicamente todo. Ya que tengas una idea de cuál es la estética que buscas y le agarres la onda, te será muy sencillo tener el mismo efecto en todas tus fotos. No es tan complicado. ¿Cuáles son tus trucos?






Hi humans! Another month’s gone by, and it baffles me how fast time goes by, summer is now in full swing and a lot of things are happening, my 1 year anniverssary of no smoking was on the 19th (yay!), but anyways, here’s my visual recap.

I started the month telling you a bit more of my feminist beliefs and wearing a killer outfit with a graphic tee; I dyed my hair pink once again and had an awesome collab with SheIn; then I was super daring and I went out without any pants, I made an awesome case for why we should all stop wearing pants all-together, and I showed you why details make the difference in any outfit.

Now, in the past few month’s you guys have asked me how to balance a blog and a personal life, so I made a post for you talking about it. By the second half of the month I realized I just needed to have some high waisted skinny jeans so I went and found this pair.

This month I was also obsessed with graphic tees, don’t you just love them? I know I do! I really liked my looks this month, I especially liked the one where I wore a white maxi dress, I also loved wearing this off the shoulder top and this one shot by bae, speaking of him, he wrote a guest post for the blog telling you guys what it means for him to date a fashion blogger.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as @shesjustlikeheaven, have an awesome weekend you guys!


Hi guys! Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday’s post! They mean the world to me! So it’s the last day of May and it’s already mid-year, whoa time does fly, so let’s recap what went on via Instagram (you can follow me here)

I showed you my lipstick collection at the beggining of the month, I also made another beauty post with three easy hairstyles for this hot weather, I got to enjoy some of AVON’s new Mark products, I also paid a visit to a new and cool nail salon in my home town.

There were lots of cool laid back outfits, ideal for the weekend, for the heat of the season and to feel empowered, I talked about loving everything in my closet at the moment and how it feels like I’ve found my unifom.

I took a day trip to Guadalajara that resulted in me getting a lovely addition for my wardrobe, and I confessed that these past weeks have been kind of hard for me and I’m having a bit of the blues, another cool adition to my closet this month? The missguided heels I got as a super bargain.

So I guess that’s it for closing the month, can’t wait to see what June will bring! 🙂

¡Hola, muchísimas gracias a todos por sus comentarios en el post de ayer! Significan un montón. Es el último día de mayo y ya empezamos la segunda mitad del año, el tiempo vuela, así que vamos a ver qué pasó en el mes a través de Instagram (puedes seguirme aquí)

Les mostré mi colección de lipsticks a principio de mes, también hice un post con tres fáciles peinados para éste clima, probé algunos de los nuevos productos de AVON y su colección Mark, viví una súper experiencia en el salón de uñas más cool en Aguascalientes.

Hubo varios outfits relajados, ideales para el finde, para la época de calor y para sentirnos super poderosas, les platiqué lo feliz que estoy con lo que tengo en mi closet y cómo se siente tal cual tener un uniforme.

Me aventé un viaje exprés a Guadalajara que resultó en la adquisición perfecta a mi clóset, y les confesé que no me he sentido al cien éstas semanas en el Ãºltimo post del mes, ¿algo más que agregué a mi closet? Los tacones de missguided.

Creo que eso es todo para acabar con el mes, y no puedo esperar a ver qué me trae Junio 🙂



So life update from my Instagram the highlights of this month are here:

Kicked off the month by attending Roxy Festival, I got to see Morrissey live and also Placebo, which I’d been dreaming since I was 13.

I got to collaborate with some awesome people, worked with Ina Villarreal, Quetzalsavi and Moda en la Ciudad for their new video. I also did my first post for Timex, I’ll be working with them this year!
Attended Brünna Bedroom’s launch party.

Spent an awesome Saturday by the lake with bae.

I am now a blonde!

So that’s pretty much it, feel free to follow me and I’ll follow back! How was your month? Ready for May?

Hoy les tengo un update desde mi Instagram los highlights del mes son estos:

Empecé el mes en el  Roxy Festival, vi a Morrissey y Placebo, con lo cual soñaba desde los 13.

Tuve colaboraciones con gente genial, como Ina Villarreal, Quetzalsavi y Moda en la Ciudad en su  nuevo video. También trabajé en mi primer post con Timex, estaré trabajando con ellos éste año.

Fui a la fiesta de lanzamiento de Brünna Bedroom.

Tuve un lindo sábado en la presa con bae.

¡Ahora soy rubia!

Eso es básicamente todo, espero me empieces a seguir. ¿cómo estuvo tu mes? ¿lista para Mayo?



Social media is hard, and it gets harder each day, and especially with Instagram, this couldn’t get more tricky even if they tried, thankfully hashtags are a huge help when trying to get your pictures noticed, that’s why I’ve put together this list of 100 hashtags for Instagram that if you’re a blogger (and even if you’re not) you’ll find quite helpful! 🙂

Las redes sociales son difíciles, y se complican más cada día, y en especial con Instagram, las cosas no podrían ser más difíciles aún si lo intentaran, gracias la cielo, los hashtags son de gran ayuda para resaltar nuestras fotografías, es por eso que armé ésta lista de 100 hashtgs para Instagram que si eres blogger (y aunque no) encontrarás de gran ayuda. 🙂

100 ig hashtags


#blogitmx, #bloggerstyle, #fashion, #fashionblog, #fashionblogger, #fashioninspo, #fashionbloggerproblems, #instafashion, #lookbook, #lookoftheday, #mexicanfashionbloggers, #minimalootd, #ootd, #ootdshare, #ootdmx, #style, #styleblogger, #styleinspo, #streetstyle, #whatwewear

100 ig hashtags_1


#abm, #abmlifeissweet, #howisummer, #lifestyle, #lifestyleblogger, #livethelittlethings, #petitejoys, #slowliving, #thehappynow, #thatsdarling

100 ig hashtags_3


#beauty, #beautyblog, #beautyblogger, #beautyguru, #fotd, #faceoftheday, #hairoftheday, #hairsofinstagram, #longhairdontcare, #makeup,  #makupfan, #makeupjunkie, #makeupartists, #makeupartist, #productreview

100 ig hashtags_2


#(thecityyou’rein), #ABMtravelbug, #aroundtheworld, #adventure, #finditliveit, #instatravel, #liveauthentic, #landscape, #RSroadtrip, #travel,  #traveldiaries, #trip, #visitmexico, #wadeleurspark, #wanderlust


#blog, #blogger, #cool, #fromwhereistand, #flatlay, #flatlaystyle, #ihavethisthingwithfloors, #ihavethinsthingwithwalls, #influencer, #igers, #livecolorfully, #mantra, #mantraoftheday, #me, #picoftheday, #qotd, #quotes, #photography, #selfienation, #weekendvibes

100 ig hashtags_4

#brunch, #breakfast, #cleaneating, #eatingfortheinsta, #foodie, #foodporn, #foodgasm, #healthy, #lunch, #mealprep


#fit, #fitness, #fitspo, #fitnessaddict, #goals, #healthylife, #noexcuses, #runners, #wotd, #workout

100 ig hashtags_5

  1. Use more than 5 tags per picture.
  2. Use RELEVANT tags, please skip the #Ilovethesegirlssomuchwerethebestsquadever #mydogisthecutestdontyouthink
  3. You can now hashtag emojis # 🙂
  4. Hashtags on comments also work, but only if you commented on your own picture, comments with hashtags from other people won’t work.
  1. Usa más de 5 hashtags por imagen.
  2. Usa hashtags RELEVANTES, mejor evita usar cosas como #amoamisamigasporquesonlasmejoresdelmundo #miperroesmuchomejorqueeltuyo
  3. Ahora puedes volver hashtags los emojis # 🙂
  4. Los hashtags en los comentarios también funcionan, siempre y cuando tú comentes en tu propia foto, los de los demás no aplican.





Hi guys! I can’t believe march is DONE! So these are my favorite pictures on IG this month, ofc there’s more, so head over to my profile and let’s be friends? Have an awesome friday!

¡Hola! No puedo creer que se nos acabó marzo, así que aquí te dejo mis fotos favoritas de Instagram, obvio hay más, así que ve a mi perfil y ¡seamos amigos! ¡Que tengan bonito viernes!