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Okay, so this is as minimal as it gets, I used to be big in hair products, but what’s the point when you have such short hair?

Aquí es cuando la cosa se pone minimalista, solía usar un montón de productos para el cabello, pero ahora es tan corto, que cuál es el punto?


This brand has become my favourite one when it comes to shampoo, I used to use their coconut one, but I got this version of it and I really like it, since I have really short hair (and it used to be shorter) I don’t really need to condition it, otherwise it gets heavy and greasy, but I find this one works amazingly, I haven’t tried out their contioner, but my brother uses it and he swears by it

Ésta marca se ha vuelto mi favorita cuando se trata de shampoo, antes usaba el de coco, pero probé este de sal de mar y me gusta mucho, como tengo el cabello tan corto, no necesito usar acondicionador, porque entonces se pone pesado y grasoso, pero el shampoo es maravilloso, no he probado el acondicionador de la marca, pero mi hermano lo usa y le encanta.


I don’t wash my hair everyday, because as you know it’s not good for it, so on days I don’t want to waste a good hairstyling, I rely on this guy here, I used to use the Suave one, but I can’t find it here in Mexico, this one is a bit pricier than Suave’s but it’s also like twice it’s size, and it also smells great, I actually find it works better for me than the one I used to buy, and I’m a sucker for cute packaging.

No me lavo el cabello diario, porque como saben no es bueno, así que en días que no quiero desperdiciar que mi cabello se ve bien me encomiendo a éste guapo de aquí, antes usaba el de la marca Suave, pero no lo venden en México según yo, éste es un poco más caro que el de Suave, pero es casi del doble de tamaño y huele muy rico, de hecho me funciona mejor que el que solía usar y la verdad es que me encantan los empaques.

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  1. I love OGX too, their products are amazing! I’m not sure this dry shampoo is available in Europe, but I am going to search for it. By the way, did you try the dry shampoo from Aussie? It’s the one I use and it’s really great 🙂

    Have a nice Sunday!

    1. No, I’ve seen it in the US, but not sure if I can find it here in Mexico, I’ll have to look for it and if I find it I will give it a try! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 have a great weekend!!

  2. good choices I’m a hair product junkie my self so I love using new products on my hair thanks for sharing

    1. Hair products is something that I need to invest more in, I need to expand my beauty horizons 🙂

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