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Let’s talk #girlproblems, getting dressed each morning, for many it’s a source of stress that brings up the age old question “what do I wear?” and the cliché “I’ve nothing to wear” and to be honest not all of us want to wake up half an hour earlier than normal to pick out that fabulous OOTD, so today I’ll share my 5 tips to make this so much easier and faster.

Hablemos de “problemas de niñas”, vestirnos cada mañana, para muchas es una fuente de estrés que saca a relucir la famosa pregunta ¿qué me pongo? y la vieja frase “no tengo qué ponerme” y para ser honesta, no a todas nos gusta levantarnos media hora más temprano de lo normal para elegir un OOTD increíble, así que hoy les comparto mis cinco tips para hacer todo esto más fácil.


1.Organize your closet

Having a neat and tidy closet will make things so much easier, this way you get to see everything and let’s be honest, it’s so much inspiring.

1.Organiza tu closet

Tener un closet ordenado y limpio hará las cosas más sencillas, de éste modo puedes ver todo, y siendo honestas, es mucho más inspirador.

2. Plan out your OOTD the night before

This may seem like a waste of time, but you’re probably more willing to put some thought into it the night before than the next morning at 6 am when you’re still sleepy and just got out of bed, that way you’ll have your outfit ready to just slip in in the morning and this will take so much less time, which translates into 5 more minutes getting some beauty sleep.

2. Planea tu outfit  la noche anterior

Ésto puede sonar como a)mucho trabajo b)una pérdida de tiempo, pero si lo piensas, es más probable que quieras hacerlo la noche anterior que la mañana siguiente a las 6 am cuando estas adormilada y recién levantada, de éste modo tendrás tu outfit listo para sólo ponértelo cada mañana y ésto ahorra mucho tiempo, lo que se traduce en cinco minutos más de sueño.


3. Have “go to’s”

Okay, so you were way too tired after that session at the gym to think about what you’ll be wearing the following day and you just crashed on your bed and fell asleep till next day, don’t panic, we all have a “go to outfit” which is something you wear when you “don’t have anything to wear”, stock on a few of those items and keep them in mind for days like these.

3. Ten tus favoritos

Fuiste al gym y regresaste tan cansada que te quedaste dormida sin preparar tu outfit para el día siguiente, no te asustes, todas tenemos outfits favoritos, a los cuales siempre podemos recurrir en esos días de “nada que ponerme”, junta algunas de estas piezas y tenlas en mente para días así.

Use pinterest to plan your wardrobe

4. Use Pinterest to plan your wardrobe

I recently found this amazing article on how to use Pinterest to plan your wardrobe and inspire you when a)getting dressed b)shopping for something new, this helps you define your style, find “uniforms” and like I said, never run out of inspiration.

4.Usa Pinterest para planear tu  guardarropa

Recientemente encontré un artículo increíble (en inglés solamente) sobre cómo usar Pinterest para planear tu guardarropa e inspirarte cuando estés a)eligiendo un outfit b)de compras, ésto te ayuda a definir tu estilo, encontrar “uniformes” y como dije, no quedarte sin inspiración.

5. Consider trying a capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are huge now, and everyone who’s into the lifestyle swear it’s made getting dressed so much faster and easier, why it works? By having only a few pieces you truly love that you can mix and match you’ll never be stuck with a closet full of nothing to wears.

5. Considera intentar un guardarropa cápsula

Los guardarropas cápsula están muy de moda ahorita, y todos los que aplican éste estilo de vida juran que es lo mejor del mundo y que simplifica el vestirte, ¿por qué funciona? Teniendo pocas piezas que en verdad amas y son combinables entre sí nunca tendrás un closet lleno de nada que ponerte.

I hope you find these tips helpful, if you have doubts do not hesitate to ask, and if you have more tips make sure to leave them in a comment below.

Espero que encontraras éstos tips de ayuda, si tienes dudas no dudes en preguntarme, y si tienes más tips asegúrate de compartirlos en un comentario.

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    1. Thanks! Hope they’re helpful!

  1. Yo igual hago lo mismo!! jajaja ahora ya no tanto por que uso uniforme y eso evita romperme la cabeza demasiado. Pero los fines totalmente!


  2. I always have a strugle in the morning! I’ll see if it gets any better with your great tips hah💕, but I think that they will be really helpful! /KB

    1. Let me know if they do help 🙂

  3. Really great tips! I always like to plan my outfits the night before to make sure that whatever I want to wear is clean/ironed. And in case I’m not feeling the outfit anymore or I changed my mind, I pick one of my go-to dresses because it’s the easiest! XO

    1. I think those tips are the best, you can’t go wrong with them! 😀 Thanks for stopping by, have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Love these tips! <3 Thanks for sharing!

  5. […] At the beginning of this summer I found myself stuck in a style rut, I was frustrated thinking that at this point, a quarter of my life, I should have defined my personal style, so I started researching, I started browsing Pinterest and perusing my favorite blogs, and something that kept popping up was this “capsule wardrobe” trend, as I kept reading numerous blog posts on how to create the perfect capsule wardrobe for (insert season here) I found myself more convinced each time that this was what I’d been looking for, so I decided I’d give it a shot, so like I’ll tell you more on a following post, I got myself a couple of storage boxes and put away most of my clothes, now, the basic premise of a capsule wardrobe is to have somewhere close to 20-30 pieces of clothing+shoes+accessories (this doesn’t include workout clothes, underwear, pijamas, etc.) that can be mixed and matched to create a ton of different outfits, also, by having only pieces that you truly love in your closet it’ll be easier to find an outfit everyday. […]

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  7. Love tips like this – organizing is LIFE!:-) And also the bilingual post!

    1. It certainly is! Thanks for stopping by!

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