We all have that one special friend that we love spending time with and sharing things with, someone we call best friend, and well, if you’re Taylor Swift it’s not just one person but a whole squad, but what happens when that best friend is just as much into fashion as you are? Well, then you’re not only best friends, but best fashion friends, here are some of my favorites!

Todos tenemos ese amigo especial con quien nos gusta pasar tiempo y compartir cosas, alguien a quien llamamos mejor amigo, y bueno, si eres Taylor Swift no es sólo una persona, sino un grupo, pero ¿qué pasa cuando esa persona ama la moda tanto como tú? Bueno, entonces no son sólo best friends, sino best fashion friends, aquí algunas de mis favoritas.


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  1. Lovley post! Having a fashion best friend is so good!

    1. I need one of those, sadly none of my friends share my love for it 🙁

      1. Hahaha! Don’t worry, you will find it!

  2. Having a fashion best friend is so good!♥ I LIKE


    1. Thank you Dani!! I need one of those friends u__u

  3. I love how Shea and Caroline always match the outfit but of course no BFF’S is more chic than Anna and Giovanna, the power two!

    1. Right on point girl!! Absolutely agree on it! <3

  4. Wow me encanto este post, además es muy cierto cuando te juntas tanto con alguien acabas vistiendote de manera muy similar <3

    1. Siii! Necesito una amiga así! haha

  5. No tengo ningún fashion friend estricto y quien pudo haberlo sido se acaba de mudar del país, jaja. So sad!

  6. Kendall nd Gigi are so cool 😍 isn’t Gigi in Taylor’s squad too? Lol

    1. Asolutely!! But, who isn’t? haha I love that it keeps getting bigger and bigger!

  7. Qué post tan cool. Quiero una amiga así, para tomarnos mil fotos fashionistas y locas 😀

  8. I need those jackets for me and my bestie 🙂

  9. Great choices – its funny how K and Gigi dress so very alike-

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