Pearls have long been a fashion staple. These tiny round objects (from the mouths of clams) have a beautiful appearance that’s like nothing else that you can buy. They’re shiny yet matte at the same time, and reflect different bands in the light spectrum beautifully. 

Pearls, though, are unique for another reason: they complement virtually any outfit and season. They’re ultra neutral and yet, they have the ability to elevate your appearance and dissolve across cultures. You see people wearing them from North America, across Europe and over to the Far East. They have near-universal appeal. 

Here are some of the reasons why pearls make the ultimate fashion accessories

They’re Minimalist

Pearls don’t demand attention, yet they subtly enhance any outfit. Wearing pearls – even a single stud in the ears – creates a beautiful addition to your outfits and allows you to polish off practically any look. While employers might confront you if you wear bright jewellery, virtually none will complain about pearls. They go with any color too, freeing up your options. 

They’re Pretty

Pearls are almost universally pretty too. In fact, they’re synonymous these days with feminine energy. The moment you put pearl studs in your ears or pearls around your neck, it makes you more girly. 

They’re Fun

Pearls don’t have to be low key, though. They can also be edgy and fun. Remember, pearls come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes. Virtually every example is unique. So when it comes to pearls, you can go big and bold. 

The best way to make pearls stand out is to wear multiple pearled jewellery pieces and contrast them with a darker outfit. For instance, you could wear a navy blue blouse with pearls around your neck. Pearls are especially prominent if you have naturally darker skin. 

They’re Refined

While pearls are opulent – and something traditionally associated with the upper classes – they’re also sophisticated and refined. They ooze glam like practically no other precious stone, and they’re suitable for practically any occasion. You can equally wear pearls to the opera or the Christmas office party. It’s very much up to you. 

You don’t have to pay a great deal for pearl jewelry either. While real pearls are more expensive than their false counterparts, they look very similar. So if you really are on a tight budget, you can often pull off a pearlescent look without actually draining your account. 

They’re Highly Varied

Pearls aren’t just generic shiny white blobs. They come in many different varieties – just like natural gemstones. This variation means that you can use them in many different ways. 

Most pearl accessories come on strings. These may break. However, you can repair them easily by taking them to a repair shop. Usually, it’s just a matter of removing the old cord and replacing it with a new one. Getting necklaces restrung is a common practice – and something you’ll need to get used to if you plan on wearing the same necklaces day in, day out. 

So, how will you use pearls to complement your outfits? 

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