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Hi there guys! Today I want to talk to you a little bit about skincare and how 2019 changed my approach to it. Before 2019 my skincare routine was almost non-existant, the little care I gave to my face consisted on removing my make-up, washing it some nights, and if the stars aligned, I moisturized, also, if I broke out my approach to getting rid of zits consisted on being agressive, you know, pinching and my good ol’ friend benzoyl peroxide.


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I recently got invited to live the Korean facial experience, so on a Friday evening I went to the K-beauty bar near my place, as soon as I went in I loved everything about the atmosphere of the place, think dim lights, soft relaxing music and aromatherapy.

Hace un par de semanas me invitaron a vivir la experiencia de un facial Coreano, así que un Viernes por la tarde fui a BananaMiinK que es el lugar donde los hacen, en cuanto llegué amé toda la atmósfera del lugar, luces bajitas, música relajante, aromaterapia.

First you’re given jazmin tea to relax and the put on you these pressotherapy boots that massage your feet and legs while you’re sitting there getting the facial done.

En cuanto llegas te dan un té relajante, yo elegí de jazmín; después te ponen unas botas de presoterapia que le dan masaje a tus piernas y pies mientras te hacen el facial.

El facial consiste en los 10 pasos de skincare de la rutina Coreana, y empieza con un poquito de aromaterapia para relajar, después ya sigue el facial y va en el siguiente orden:

  • Limpieza ólea
  • Limpieza acuosa
  • Exfoliante
  • Bubble mask (mascarilla efervescente)
  • Tónico
  • Serum
  • Mascarilla de hidrogel (en este momento te dan un masaje deli de manos, la mascarilla que te ponen es personalizada dependiendo de las necesidades de tu piel)
  • Contorno de ojos
  • Hidratante
  • Protector Solar
  • Humectación labial
  • Masaje con rodillo de jade

The facial consists on the 10 step Korean skincare routine, but before beginning they give you some essential oils to smell and get relaxed, the facial goes like this:

  • Oil cleanser
  • Water based cleanser
  • Exfoliation
  • Bubble mask
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Facemask (the masks are tailored to your skin’s individual needs, during this process you get a delicious hand massage)
  • Eye contour
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip moisturizer
  • Jade roller massage

The overall experience was so relaxing, I had a great time and my skin was so soft at the end, it is one of those things that you can do at least once a month to pamper yourself, because, you know, self-care.

La experiencia fue super relajante, la pasé muy bien y mi piel quedó de lo más suave al final, es una de esas cosas que mínimo tienes que hacer una vez al mes para consentirte, porque self-care.