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These days there are many great products out there that can help your skin in all sorts of ways, but none will work their best if you don’t periodically help out your skin to better absorb them by exfoliating it, now, in the past we used to think mechanical exfoliation was the best (think sugar scrubs and so), but now we know that is rather abrasive for your skin, these days, chemical exfoliation is all the rage, I know, this may sound a little daunting and you may think this should only be done by a pro, but, nowadays we have many options that are safe enough that can be used by you, from your house.




Hi there guys! Today I want to talk to you a little bit about skincare and how 2019 changed my approach to it. Before 2019 my skincare routine was almost non-existant, the little care I gave to my face consisted on removing my make-up, washing it some nights, and if the stars aligned, I moisturized, also, if I broke out my approach to getting rid of zits consisted on being agressive, you know, pinching and my good ol’ friend benzoyl peroxide.

¡Hola bebés! Hoy quiero hablarles un poco de skincare y cómo el 2019 cambió mi acercamiento al mismo. Antes de 2019 mi rutina de skincare era casi inexistente, el poco cuidado que le daba a mi piel era desmaquillarme, lavarla algunas noche y si las estrellas se alineaban, usar humectante, además, si me salían granitos lo que hacía era super agredir a mi piel pellizcándola y cubriéndola de peróxido de benzoilo.


But as the year went by, I started to deep into the skincare world oh my was I hooked, I got introduced to Korean Skincare techniques that are more about nourishing and gently caring for your skin, being soft with it and not attacking it with harsh mechanical exfoliators or western facials, I started to get more into chemical exfoliation and I’m here for it. As months went by I started seeing the results in my skin, and people started noticing, I had a glow on my skin. Now I follow my skincare routine religiously every morning and night, and it’s become one of my favorite parts of the day.

So, what does my skincare routine look like in 2020?


Wash my face with: Youth to the People Super Foods Cleanser.
Toner: Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner.
Serum: This varies, but most of the days I’ll use vitamin C.
Moisturizer: I altern between Neutrogena‘s Hydro Boost and FAB’s Ultra Repair Creme depending on the weather.
Sunscreen: LaRoche Posay Anthelios 50 SPF.


I apply sunscreen every 2 hours.


Wash my face with: Youth to the People Super Foods Cleanser.
Toner: Neutrogena AHA+BHA Toner.
Serum: During the night I also mix it up but I mostly use Retinol 0.5% by The Ordinary, EUK 134*, Retinol + Peptides from Valjean Labs.
Eye cream by Korean brand Glamfox.
Moisturizer: I altern between Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost and FAB’s Ultra Repair Creme depending on the weather and what my skin needs.


Every 10 days or so I use the AHA+BHA peeling solution by The Ordinary to exfoliate.
Once a week I use Versed’s The Shortcut Overnight Peel to exfoliate as well.
I’ll do a facemask about once a week, I make sure to always keep a stash of those and I’ll pick it depending on what my skin is needing at the time, some of my favorites include Tonymoly and Neogence, and collagen eye patches are lifesaving.


Conforme pasó el año, comencé a sumergirme en el mundo del skincare y me encantó, me metí en las técnicas del skincare Coreano, que son más acerca de nutrir y ser gentiles con la piel, de ser suaves y no atacarla con exfoliación mecánica que es muy agresiva o faciales occidentales que lastiman mucho la piel, empecé a entrarle más a la exfoliación química y me encanta. Al paso de los meses empecé a ver los resultados en mi piel, y la gente empezó a notarlo, mi piel estaba luminosa. Ahora sigo mi rutina de skincare religiosamente mañana y noche, y se ha vuelto mi parte favorita del día.

¿En qué consiste mi rutina de skincare en 2020?


Me lavo la cara con el limpiador Youth to the People Super Foods.
Tónico Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner.
Suero: Varía, pero la mayoría de los días uso vitamina C.
Humectante: Alterno entre el Hydra Boost de Neutrogena y el Ultra Repair Creme de FAB dependiendo del clima y lo que necesite mi piel.
Protector Solar: La Roche Posay Anthelios FPS 50.


Re-aplico protector solar cada dos horas.


Me lavo la cara con el limpiador Youth to the People Super Foods.
Tónico Neutrogena Pore Refining AHA+BHA.
Suero: también varía durante la noche pero en su mayoría uso el Retinol 0.5% de The Ordinary, EUK 134*, Retinol + Peptidos de Valjean Labs.
Crema para contorno de ojos con retinol de la marca Coreana Glamfox.
Humectante: Alterno entre el Hydra Boost de Neutrogena y el Ultra Repair Creme de FAB dependiendo del clima.


Cada diez días uso el peeling químico AHA+BHA peeling solution de The Ordinary para exfoliar.
Una vez a la semana uso el peel, The Shortcut Overnight Peel de Versed para exfoliar.
Una vez a la semana me pongo una mascarilla que elijo dependiendo de lo que necesite mi piel, pero siempre intento tener varias a la mano, mis favoritas son las de Tonymoly y Neogence, pero también amo los parches de colágeno para ojos, son salvavidas.

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So we made it to the end of the week, can you believe? And I managed to post every day like the good old times, so I think I’m back on a roll? Anyway, today I’d like to share with you some of the best tips on how to slow down the aging process of our skin, so keep reading ahead to find out all about them.

Pues logramos llegar al final de la semana, y además logré publicar diario como en los viejos tiempos, supongo que eso significa que estoy de vuelta. Como sea, hoy quiero compartirles tips para retrasar el proceso de envejecimiento de nuestra piel, así que sigue leyendo para conocerlos todos.

When it comes to beauty products you like to think you are in the know about every new up and coming trend on the market. You try them out as soon as they hit the shelves always end up incorporating the good ones into your everyday makeup routine. One thing that does scare you about the future is getting older and having maturing skin. Your makeup might not sit as well on your face and you might need to adapt the products you use on a regular basis. Instead of worrying about the future, why not take preventative action now? When it comes to aging, it is going to happen to everybody in the end. Prevention is always better than cure too, so if you are still in your twenties and think it’s too early to learn about anti-aging techniques you would be so wrong! The more informed you are about the hazards and dangers to your young skin, the better prepared you will be to start taking action. Whether it’s a special anti-aging cream or a general lifestyle choice, you can make a huge difference to the way your skin ages in the future. As the largest organ of your body, the skin should never be neglected or forgotten; never take for granted your young, supple, soft complexion because before you know it, it might be gone. Embrace the aging process and do everything you can do make your skin look and feel healthy for the years to come.

Lotions and Potions

One of the most effective ways to reduce early signs of aging is to regularly apply SPF moisturiser during the daytime; protecting your skin from the sun will not only prevent wrinkles from forming but it will also reduce your risk of skin cancer considerably. In the evenings you might want to switch to a creamier moisturiser that can get to work whilst you sleep. Anti-aging creams such as LifeCell contain active ingredients that will work wonders on tired and aging skin; if you’re wondering “where can I buy Lifecell cream?” There are plenty of options available online. By improving your daily skincare routine you will not only be putting the brake on wrinkles, but you will also notice a healthier glow overall.


Rest and Recovery

Did you know that sleep is one of the most powerful and least expensive aging antidotes you can get? Getting plenty of so-called ‘beauty sleep’ is exactly what more people need in their lives. If you want to reduce redness, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles then getting a solid 6-10 hours of sleep every evening will certainly help you along quickly.

Fun and Fitness

Exercise can actually reverse aspects of aging, so if you aren’t actively moving your body then you might be missing a trick. The release of endorphins when you exercise is not only proven to make you feel happier, but they can also help to repair cells in your body from your brain to your skin. Get outside and walk the dog more often or find a gym buddy and hit a local yoga class; regular exercise over time will work magic on your skin.


Nutrition and Know-How

What you put inside your body can have a huge effect on the way your skin looks; if you are loading up on takeaway pizzas, sweets and cookies then you are going to have a dull, greasy or even grey tone to your complexion. If you switch to oily fish, nuts, berries and plenty of water you will soon be able to achieve a more natural and healthy glow. Staying hydrated is absolutely key to having good skin, so try to consume at least eight large glasses of water each day.

Harmful Habits

If you are a heavy smoker or drinker it is going to take a toll on your skin super quickly. It is true that smoking can affect your looks, from crow’s feet around the mouth and eyes to yellow undertones. You don’t want to look older than you already are, so try and cut out any bad habits sooner rather than later. The occasional glass of red wine or gin and tonic will not make you get wrinkles though, so don’t restrict yourself too much!


Stress Can Snowball

Do you work strange shift patterns or overexert yourself in the office? Over time stress can start to build up in your body and show all over your skin. You might start to get zits, rashes, rosacea and even wrinkles from an early age. In order to reduce your stress levels you need to take as much time off as you can and maximise on down time when you can. Take regular breaks during the working day and don’t work above and beyond your contracted hours. By putting your health first you will notice a huge improvement to your skin and you will be able to age gradually and gracefully.

You might think there are a lot of complicated steps to cover when it comes to slowing down the aging process, but most of them are pretty simple techniques. Your everyday routines can be tweaked to incorporate most of these ideas; you might need to quit some bad habits along the way too. If you are trying to quit smoking or cut back on your alcohol intake always seek advice from a medical professional. They will be able to guide you through the tried and tested steps to recovery. Overall, you shouldn’t see aging as a negative thing; every single person goes through it and you will be no exception to the rule. As beauty lover and makeup addict you should want to take care of your skin and keep the young glow you have for as long as you can. Try out some of these ideas right now and they will soon become second nature to you. Changing up your skincare routine, altering your lifestyle and assessing your overall health will bring you one step closer to younger and more radiant skin for the years to come.